*This was years ago before anyone gets an ideas and tries the same*

Few years back, I was scrolling through facebook and stumbled upon an article about the filming of a certain high budget film. The article showed drone photos of the film set, which included a full reconstruction of some mountainous terrain, and more interestingly, a full scale millenium falcon…

Like any little kid growing up in the last 30 years, I was pretty into star wars while growing up, literally every toy I had was star wars related, so naturally I was pretty keen to see this in person.

Initially it was pretty hard to get much info from the photos, the studio they claimed it was being filmed at was false, and due to the fact all you can see around the set is forrest, it was annoyingly difficult to work out the location.


After a good while trawling through google maps, I came across something that looked similar to the arial view of the set, and although I wasn’t 100% sure it was the correct location, i was pretty keen to head down there soon before the set was dismantled.

A few weeks of procrastination later, a couple mates seemed down, (props to @marcuspaulwilson on this one, not many people willing to drive for hours anyway let alone in the middle of the night searching for something you’re not even sure is there) so after managing to get banned from my old uni accommodation while trying to buy some lightsabers (long story…), we were in the car and en route.

On arrival it was already way later than we expected, so after quickly grabbing our gear we were straight over the fence and off into the forrest. we attempted to be quick, as we didn’t really want to be there when the day started.

The location of the set was very much active, and we spent the next hour or so dodging cars driving around the roads, crawling through dirt and getting completely baffled by google maps. After a while we came to an opening, with what appeared to be a mountain of scaffolding. we sprinted across to the scaff one by one, and after reaching the bottom we all tried to climb as quickly and quietly as possible. the top of the scaffolding turned out to be the top of the mountainous terrain featured in the drone photo, and after peering our heads over the top, we were met with this…


As soon as we set foot on the rocks leading down, it became clear they weren’t actually anything close to actual rocks and strangely they were some sort of industrial paper mache. we could see a hut with lights on at the bottom of the hill, which we assumed was security, but despite this we all ran down kinda recklessly towards the falcon making way too much noise in the process and hoping no one could hear us.


Initially we were all kinda speechless (and concerned about security) so naturally we re-composed ourselves and tried to be kind of quiet, just slowly moving around taking photos and hoping for the best.


After walking around a bit and getting a few shots, we noticed that as the ramp was down, it was possible to get inside. unfortunately there wasn’t much to see, just wooden planks and scaffolding bars. But the scaff was use-full in the end, as after scaling it to the top we managed to squeeze through of a gap next to some sort of weapon, and out onto the roof.


After a good hour or so of lurking, the sun had risen, and came to the conclusion that we had probably overstayed our welcome, and set about leaving. Before we could even get to the start of the steps to head back up the hill, we spotted 4 silhouettes by the security hut, moving suspiciously quickly towards us. we all collectively panicked, and started sprinting back up the hill and into the forrest, loosing each other in the process. as we reached the fence it became clear that whoever was there hadn’t chased us, this meant they were either not security, or they somehow hadn’t seen us. feeling ridiculously lucky, we didn’t hang around, and jumped straight back into car and drove back to London.